Pure PlayStation Plays: Week 9

The European political landscape is going through a bit of a shakeup this weekend but here we are once again to let you guys – our most loyal readers – know the important stuff: what video games we will be playing this weekend. As always we encourage you to chime in with your own planned weekend gaming antics down in the comment section below.

Chris Harding

Mad Max and Batman: Arkham Knight are both getting a replay from me this weekend. Trophies need collecting, yo!

Conor Hutton

Beating Ratchet and Clank to 100% and nabbing that platinum trophy has left an empty space in my gaming heart. I want more Ratchet and there’s no more to be had. The withdrawal symptoms of coming off this instant PS4 classic are kicking in and everywhere I look I see Blargs and robots and Chairman Dreck lookalikes. As for what I’m playing this weekend… well it’s top secret so you’ll have to wait for the review. However it does involve building and looking after an institution for containing people who have taken part in criminal activities. If that doesn’t tell you what it is nothing will.

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Jake Ellis

This weekend I will be back on Overwatch after my brief intermission with the Uncharted series… which I will finish… someday. I just cannot stop playing Overwatch – anyone who has bought it and gotten into it will know the feeling. I’m just waiting on the first major update with a new hero. Many people bought Overwatch on the trust that Blizzard’s promised free content updates would be consistent and worth the high price tag, now all they have to do is deliver on that. Despite my craving of more content, the game is already highly addictive and I rarely feel limited, which would explain why I can’t stop playing.

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