Pure PlayStation Plays: Week 91

Can you believe it’s February already? It feels like it was just yesterday that we were sat around getting drunk in the day because Baby Jesus had a birthday. Well, as they say, time flies when you’re having fun. Perhaps we’re funning ourselves to a quick Game Over in life? Maybe we need to hold back on the fun every once in a while and just have a bad weekend. Hmm.

Regulars will know that this is where the Pure PlayStation gang spills the beans on its weekend plans when it comes to gaming, all in the hope that you’ll find a little bit of joy in what has been written and, who knows, maybe it’ll inspire you to play a game or two that you’ve been putting off for a while.

Chris Harding

After writing the opening paragraph to this article I have come to the conclusion that I need to have less fun, otherwise I’ll be dead and I won’t even see it coming. No games for me. Maybe I’ll read a few chapters of the bible, walk a hill, and think on my sins. That’s the way to a long life.

Hannah Ellis

Two words. Six Nations! And here’s hoping for a better tournament for those of us who support the reds. The three matches will keep me busy but if time allows I may take a spin or three around the winding tracks of Wipeout Omega. I’m getting the hang of it, slowly. I swear…

Stuart Mclean

A quiet one on the gaming front for me – my better half is the big 3-0 this weekend so beyond partying and the landmine laden few days ahead as I avoid making any reference to age or getting older or being past ones best, I might squeeze in a few more missions on Assassins Creed : Origins or if time is pressing a few rounds of Fortnite.

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Laddie Simco

Due to my initial disappointment with the Inpatient I’ve put off finishing it but I’m going to make it my priority this weekend. I’ve been having trouble getting into Monster Hunter but I think it’s just because I’ve yet to figure out what I’m doing and really give it a chance. I need that Horizon Zero Dawn stuff so I will be trying for that before it’s too late.

Jason Frye

I will be working on a review fighting colossi as I fight off a cold. Beyond that, I hope to work on another video project or two if I can sound a little less nasally (than normal).

Kyle Durant

I pray to Zeno that the ring party and arena party matches work properly and consistently this weekend in Dragon Ball FighterZ. Not being able to play with friends a week later is really annoying and something I mentioned in my review posted not too long ago. Other than that I’ll be playing the usual busybody stuff and hoping Chris Harding will finally understand Horizon Zero Dawn’s greatness

And that’s yer’ lot. Jeremy didn’t manage to get his Plays submission into us on time, but he did send us a message letting us know he will be going out for dinner with Kim Chi, whoever she is…

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