Pure PlayStation Plays: Week 92

No matter what tops your list of things to do this weekend, make sure you take a little time for yourself. You’ve earned it. Probably. We won’t tell if you don’t.

We will tell you about the games that give us a well-deserved break between chores, life responsibilities, and the occasional gopher removal. It’s not always the most glamorous life, but someone has to do it.

Be sure to drop your own glamorous plans in the comments, and follow our antics on YouTube, Facebook, and Twitter. We are running a Twitter contest (details here) exclusively for our followers that can net you a free code for the new Shadow of the Colossus, so check that out.

Jeremy Peterson

My niece is coming over tonight, which means the PSVR will be getting a workout. Probably a mix of Shooty Fruity and Dick Wilde. If i get my turn under the mask, I’ll probably try to grind through a few levels on Skyrim VR. My flat-game adventures will hopefully consist of me shouting hackneyed military jargon over the mic to my son in the basement, as we continue our co-op playthrough of The Division. Good times.

Peep this:  Doctor Who: The Edge of Reality Releases September 30th on PS5, PS4

Kyle Durant

My arms are heavy and sore and I can barely move without some form of pain. This won’t stop me from continuing to play Sprint Vector though. I just hope my body can keep up.

Hannah Ellis

To be honest, I’ve got no clue what the dickens I’m playing this weekend. At least I’m not short of choice. It’ll probably end up being a mix of FIFA 18, Binding of Isaac and The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt.

Jason Frye

I am back to slicing and dicing in Nier: Automata this weekend. Beyond that, I may have a terrible idea for a video, so I will probably run with it like scissors.

Laddie Simco

This weekend I have no clear cut gaming agenda, but will likely give Monster Hunter one last shot before officially giving up on it for good. I have Shadow of the Colossus waiting for me, but I think I’ll wait until I finish up a few other games before starting that journey.

Chris could not join us this week. He is using the PSVR to pull an Inception on his own mind, so that he can finally appreciate the greatness of Japanese games.


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