Pure PlayStation Plays: Week 93

Happy Chinese New Year, readers! Welcome to the year of the dog. Here’s hoping those cookies bring you good fortune and good gaming. Here at Pure PlayStation HQ we’ve gorged on prawn crackers and we plan on dancing the night away with the first dragon we find. But not before we let you in on our weekend gaming plans.

Why not share yours in the comments below.

Kyle Durant

Sprint Vector until I’m on my hands and knees again and unable to go on.

Laddie Simco

I’m actually straying from the Playstation platform to finally get some use out of the Switch with Bayonetta 1 & 2. I will also be attempting to play through all of the God of War games again before April 20 starting with Ascension.

Jeremy Paterson

I’m going to race about my living room with some Sprint Vector for the VR, and then after i’m totally ripped, I’ll spend some more late night hours playing Tom Clancy’s The Division with my son. He’s good at watching my six as we eliminate enemy targets with extreme prejudice, and stuff.

Chris Harding

This weekend will be spent working in my store, working at my house, and working in my garden. When the whips aren’t cracking, I’ll also be working on some review content for the site as well as re-igniting my love for driving games with regular DriveClub. I’ve had an itch to go fast and DriveClub should do the job. I’ll also be giving the Nintendo Switch a whirl as I’m still yet to finish Zelda. I know. I’m a scumbag for a) playing a non-PlayStation console and 2) sucking balls at actually playing said console.

Jason Frye

I will be spending this weekend working on a review. If I have extra time, I would like to try a little more of What Remains of Edith Finch. I have only seen about 20 minutes, but it hooked me. I love when a game can do that.

Hannah Ellis

No rugby this weekend, which is excuse enough for some couch sports. I think that calls for some FIFA 18, Everybody’s Golf and F1 2016. After all, Williams have unveiled their 2018 competitor and I can’t wait for the new season to begin; a distraction is greatly needed.

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