Pure PlayStation Plays: Week 94

It’s the weekend again! Hooray! It’s time to turn off the work emails, ditch the homework, and turn on the idiot box for some mind-numbing entertainment. It’s been a busy week here at Pure PlayStation and we’re still going to be incredibly busy over the weekend, yet we’ve somehow managed to plan some gaming time into our schedules.

As the format hasn’t changed since Week 1, long-time readers will recognise what’s going on straight away. Newbies may be a little perplexed, but it’s simple: Each and every week we knock up an article that gives you, our dear readers, a glimpse at what we’e playing over the weekend. It’s all good fun and we’ve relaxed the rules recently to accommodate those who choose to play on non-PlayStation consoles because, hey, video games are video games, right? So don’t be surprised to hear mentions of that Master Chef Mario or whatever…

Chris Harding

I’m in full-on holiday mode. I’ve got two more days of work ahead of me before I’m off for an entire week. Better yet, I’ll be spending three of those days in Amsterdam! I’m finding it hard to sit still and concentrate on games when I know I’m going to have some wonderful adventures to rival Mr. Bean. Still, I have review duties and I’ll be damned if I let everybody down. When I’m not stuck in front of the TV on official Pure PlayStation business, I’ll be playing through Tom Clancy’s The Division on the PC. I was never really a graphics/frame-rate snob until I experienced Ultra settings with 60fps… I know. I’m scum now. [Update: Just as I’m about to turn in for the night after having published this lovely article, I spot the newly installed icon for American Truck Simulator. I’ll be playing that, too. I’m going to play it tonight. I’m probably not going to sleep.]

Kyle Durant

This will be the first weekend since Sprint Vector’s release that other titles will get some playtime. Archangel and Windlands were purchased from the Store sale and the last Little Nightmares DLC drops today. Let’s hope it’s not as broken as the last expansion.

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Stuart Mclean

I’ll be finishing off a game for review and milking the very last juices out of Assassin’s Creed Origins. I reckon the finish line is in sight having unfogged the map and spent hours merrily plodding my way around Ancient Egypt solving problems as I go like the Egyptian version of the Littlest Hobo, but I know my gaming habits well enough to recognise the familiar itch to play something new beginning to gain traction every time I play. My plan is to finish it off, collecting as many trophies as I can, and even give the recently added Discovery tours a whirl as the hours drip by ‘til payday and the PSN store becomes my metaphorical candy shop all over again.

Jason Frye

I will be finishing up a review this weekend, and then I will pull something wonderful from the bottomless backlog. Will I stay on the PS4, go back to the PS3, buy something from the current PSVR sale, or spend all weekend working? Not even I know for sure. Let the Weekend Roulette begin!

Jeremy Peterson

I’m still fighting my way through the Knockout League, and I plan on whipping Scurvy Jones’ ass tonight. I also need to give Sprint Vector it’s proper due. If I have the energy, I’ll fire that up as well. My flat game adventures will consist of playing through Mad Max, because my son said it’s awesome.

Not quite a full house this week, but that’s because Hannah and Laddie are out doing super-hero work. Or at least that’s the rumour going around… So what are you playing this weekend? Let us know down in the comments section below.

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