Pure PlayStation Plays: Week 95

It’s the weekend! Yay! For some of us that will mean jumping around in the snow, building snowmen, and generally having a bloody game time. For the rest of us – those of society who shun the snow – it’s going to be a weekend inside with curtains drawn, the phone off the hook, and some nasty addictive lootboxes in our video games.

The Pure PlayStation team will be busy doing both this weekend, so read on to find out what us lot are up to before heading down to the comments section below to share your weekend gaming plans.

Chris Harding

After a few days away from home for a freezing holiday in Amsterdam, it’s going to be a couple of days of catching up on emails, getting reviews written and out the door, and generally just working hard. When I do get a bit of free time to myself, I’ll be playing… Crackdown on Xbox One. Yes, I know, I’m scum. I don’t care. I’ve been sat on a copy of Crackdown since E3 2017, and now that’s it is finally backwards compatible, I’ll be reliving the glory days of my youth. It’s hard to believe that it was around 10 years ago that I was sat in my bedroom with a copy of Crackdown on an Xbox 360…

Jason Frye

I will be spending time with out-of-town family, so I will not have any time to game this weekend. Once they tire of me, I will be diving into a hot review.

Stuart Mclean

Here in the UK we’ve pretty much ground to a halt because of snow – not that I’m complaining as it’s given me two snow days off work that I’ve productively used to Platinum Assassins Creed Origins. Now that’s done and dusted, I’m torn between Ghost Recon Wildlands, which has sat in my backlog for months, or Shadow of the Colossus. Should the weather continue I no doubt will be giving both of them a whirl, and maybe even a bit of Kingdom Hearts 2.5 for good measure.

Kyle Durant

Nothing terribly exciting this weekend I’m afraid. I received Shadow of War for free (so no money is going to Warner Bros for their loot box model) and good ol’ Rocket League. Also, might try to compete in this week’s Sprint Vector challenge

Hannah Ellis

Well, this is a week I’d like to forget. To try to take my mind off things I’ll be immersing myself in Mario Odyssey. I know, tut tut. But it’s just so convenient to pick up and play wherever you are, whatever you’re doing. There are also a few writing projects that are begging for attention but I think they can wait for now.

Laddie Simco

I will be away most of the weekend so my gaming will be limited. This week’s talk of Bloodborne has me considering re-downloading it and giving it one more attempt before I rage quit like my previous attempts. I’ve also suddenly felt the need to play Overwatch, and COD WWII.

Jeremy couldn’t get his Plays submission in time today. He’s currently out on his roof doing a snow dance after hearing about all the days off work the British get for a bit of snow.

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