Pure PlayStation Plays: Week 97

It’s Friday, again, which only means one thing – it’s time to share our weekend plans. Here at Pure PlayStation HQ we’ve swapped our suit pants for slacks and the pens for controllers so goodbye work and hello couch. We’ll also be raising a toast (or toasts) to St Paddy. That’s ‘to be sure, to be sure.’

So if you’re Irish by birth, or Irish by heart, Happy Saint Patrick’s Day to you!

Here’s what we’re up to over the next 48 hours. How do our plans stack up against yours?

Kyle Durant

Burnout Paradise online challenges baby. The P12 Diamond isn’t going to require itself. Also, Battlefront 2 finally revealed to be doing away with paid loot boxes. So we’ll see if I get that before Ni No Kuni 2 and Far Cry 5.

Laddie Simco

I work at an Irish Pub and Grille, most of my weekend will be spent dealing with the drunken public who think drinking crap American beer dyed green is the Irish way. After working 12 or more hours on St. Patrick’s Day, I will come home and cry myself to sleep. Sunday I will avoid all human interactions, spending the entire day with the cat and gleefully killing leprechauns in COD WWII Leprechaun Hunt.

Jason Frye

REVIEWS! I will be trying to finish the reviews on my plate and nothing else.

Chris Harding

Much like Jason, I’ll be getting on with reviews this weekend. It’s all good fun, but I don’t want to spoil the surprise before the reviews are live. They’ll probably be ready just in time for some weekend reading. When I’m not working on the site, I’ll be… playing Horizon Zero Dawn! Yes, me, Christopher Harding, I will be playing Horizon Zero Dawn! I’ve got a new 4K telly so I’m interested in seeing how it looks with HDR colours. I’ll probably only play it for ten minutes, marvel at the pretty colours, and then go back to LEGO Harry Potter

Stuart McLean

When I’m not sleeping this weekend I plan on finishing off Kingdom Hearts 2.5 so I can finally give Shadow of the Colossus the love and attention it deserves.

Hannah Ellis

Rugby will occupy most of my time as it’s the final weekend of the Six Nations. But Sunday should be free of distractions so Skyrim Special Edition might find itself back on the box. The open world makes for one sweet adventure – who said there are quests?

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