Pure PlayStation Plays: Week 98

For many, the weekend is a time of peace and quiet. Perhaps it’s spent with family doing cute family stuff that you see in those weird photos that come in empty picture frames. Have you ever ran through a meadow whilst smiling your head off? No, we haven’t either. For us lot, the weekend means putting our work emails on hold, telling our bosses to put a sock in it until Monday, and playing a ton of games.

The Pure PlayStation posse has some pretty good gaming plans lined up for the weekend. Some of us will be working, others will be playing, a few will be wandering the streets naked. Saturday nights were made for partying, after all. Here’s what we’re up to this weekend:

Chris Harding

I’ll be entertaining Charlie with the Toy Story 3 video game. He loves it. He’ll sit on the couch, point at the TV and shout “BUZZ! BUZZ!” until I finally relent and stick it on. It’s actually not a bad game, but I’ve completed the story five times now and it’s starting to drive me crazy. When Charlie is distracted by the shiny kitchen knives, the wonders of plug sockets, and the architecture of our local busy road, I’ll be finishing off a review… and then starting another. It’s a non-stop world, folks.

Hannah Ellis

I will be putting pen to paper this weekend as I try to earn me some leccy* (read gaming) money. After all, Dark Souls Remastered won’t buy itself. But all this talk of Spyro has motivated me to dust off the PS One and fire up that wee little purple beastie.

*Leccy is an English slang word for electric. Some people buy their electric for their homes in a way that’s not unlike buying credit for a pre-pay mobile phone. Learn something new everyday, don’t you?

Kyle Durant

I’ll be no-lifing Far Cry 5 and imagining that these religious zealots are all my problems in the real world. Far Cry 5 review coming soon!

Jason Frye

I will be spending the weekend on a review. My alchemy needs improvement if I am going to have the best in-game shop in the world, so I will be collecting supplies and generally making friends with everyone. Ganbarimasu!

Laddie Simco

This is the first time in several weeks I have no pending reviews, so I can freely play whatever I want. I’ll be playing some Overwatch to check out the new character Brigitte, but more than likely I’ll just play as Soldier 76 as I always do. I’m hoping to finish Tesla Vs. Lovecraft, as well as some God of War to help me make it through these last few weeks of waiting for the new Kratos.

And that’s it for this week. What are your weekend gaming plans? Do you have anything special lined up? Do you have any recommendations for us to play? Head on down to the comments and let us know.

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