Pure PlayStation Plays: Week 99

The game dominating most of our free time this weekend is no surprise, especially after this glowing review. Open worlds give us the freedom to try some crazy things, and adventure is our middle name. We legally changed it from danger, single ladies and gentlemen.

When we are not making terrible photoshop jobs for popular games and even cheesier pickup lines, here is what we will be doing this weekend. Be sure to drop your own plans (and favorite worst pick up line ever) in the comments.

Stuart Mclean

I will be spending a final few hours tearing up Hope County in Far Cry 5 before I go away on holiday and see what the real world looks like again.

Kyle Durant

With Tera being a bummer, all I have this weekend is Ni No Kuni 2 and Far Cry 5 Arcade. Here’s hoping for more tears and awesome player created maps.

Chris Harding

Far Cry 5 is the game of the week here at Pure PlayStation and I’m not going to be the exception. I’m still only a third of the way through ridding Hope County of the horrible Seed family, but I’ve done so much already! When I’m not kicking arse and charging outposts with my homies, I’ll be diving into Extinction to get a review out early next month. Can’t say anything else on the topic at the moment, but of the few minutes I’ve played so far, it’s looking good. I’m also going to be dropping into Dying Light again to check out the new free DLC drops. Thanks, Techland, for giving free stuff again and again!

Hannah Ellis

Chocolate eggs and Super Meatboy may be an odd combination, but I’m throwing them together this weekend just to see what happens. I’ll also be resisting the urge to buy Far Cry 5 after all of this hype – I might fire up Primal to distract me, but by the sound of it, 5 is in a league of its own.

Jason Frye

I will be trying to finish up some reviews, along with hunting eggs and eating too many sweets. I have a desk full of Twizzlers, so I have enough rations and brain fuel to power through a couple hours the weekend.


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