Pure PlayStation Plays: Week 57

It’s Friday, suckers, you know what to do. It’s time to list all of the video games we want to play this weekend. Are you gonna have time to play all of them? Hell no, not with all of that overtime you have to put in this weekend. Will you get to some of them? Maybe, but probably not. Life happens. You know it and I know it. These lists are pure fiction. Simply made up stories we tell ourselves to help us get through another day. Like “It’s just a phase, he’ll grow out of it”, or “This time next year, I’ll finally have that promotion and those six-pack abs.”

Jeremy Peterson

Am I ever going to shut up about Farpoint? Someday. But not today! I’m gonna play some co-op and some more of the Challenge missions. I also plan to go Dick Wilde with my Aim controller on that new game where you shoot at alligators and such, I can’t remember what it’s called. I’m busy as hell with one book in final edits and one in that crucial part of it’s first draft, but i’m gonna try to play both of those games this weekend. I need to summon the spirit of everyone’s favorite mullet wearing, nosy neighbor and just play “two games at the same time.” Maybe I screwed that quote up. Screw it,  I’ll just watch Office Space instead.

Chris Harding

My weekend will be… Erm, nothing. I’m away on business for the day job, so I’m going to be watching a bunch of Arrested Development on Netflix and abusing the company expenses with the mini-bar.

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Merle Alix

I continue to be on the “road” and not playing much, but I remain focused on and fascinated by the release of Friday the 13th the Game (my review will be late simply because I haven’t been able to play a single match as of a week after release).  The release isn’t reaching No Man’s Sky levels of backlash, but it has only been a week.  I’m curious to see where the release goes from here.

Jason Frye

This weekend I am returning to the fascinating Torment: Tides of Numenera. I despise the load times, but the game keeps pulling me back. I find myself forgetting that there is no real morality system, so doing the “right thing” is unnecessary. Being amoral is really liberating.

Hannah Ellis

It will be a mixed weekend for me as there are a few things more important than gaming (if there is such a thing) that need to be ticked off the to-do list. In the lulls I plan on chasing a few more gold-worthy times in TrackMania Turbo and my own Champions League win in PES 2017. The SNES is also set up so a spare thirty minutes might be spent in Yoshi’s Island.

Stuart Mclean

My backlog is getting a little silly now, and I really need to finish Mass Effect and Persona 5 – I try to make myself feel better by thinking I’m storing them up for the annual summer lull when it comes to triple A games, but in reality they sit on my shelf and mock me until I have finally hit the end credits.

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