Pure PlayStation Rumour: Metal Gear Solid and Castlevania are to be Outsourced by Konami

Intellectual property owners don’t normally like sharing their assets with outsiders. But apparently that’s what Konami are willing to do here. However, with Metal Gear Solid and Castlevania being two stalwarts in their collection, can the company afford to take the chance? And will anyone else do the series’ justice?

Rumours have started to circulate today about the handing over of reins. But there had already been murmurings from Bloober Team, who had commented about working with a famous publisher on a new horror game for over a year. Whether the two are related is yet to be seen, though it does seem as a bit of a coincidence – even if Metal Gear Solid and Castlevania hardly fit that description, with it being Silent Hill that they’re being linked with. But either way, it seems this is the new way of doing business.

And it might actually help Konami in the long run…

That’s because we all remember the flop that was Metal Gear Solid Survive. And I’ve also been reminded today that Contra: Rogue Corps was equally as disappointing. So, maybe a fresh set of eyes is just what the doctor ordered for these franchises, especially as audiences are as diverse as ever. Or maybe it would just be better if Konami managed to find a way to reset themselves internally?

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Because if they start to outsource the games they’re most famous for, what part of their identity remains embedded in them? Sure, they’ll still have a part to play and will have the final sign off. But that’s still different from being their every line of code along the way. And it might also cost them their nerve.

Still, we’ll have to wait for an official announcement to shine some light on this mystery. Maybe Konami have never even given the though a second of their time. But look at it this way, if it is true, maybe we’ll actually understand what’s going on in the next Metal Gear Solid.

Source: Video Games Chronicle

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