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Pure PlayStation’s E3 2016 Predictions – Spider-Man, VR, Red Dead and Other Pipe Dreams

E3. The time of year when rubbish rumours are spread, hopes are raised just to be quickly dashed and replaced with feelings of resentment. It really is the most wonderful time of year, after Christmas, obviously.

Most of you will remember Sony’s E3 press conference last year as being one of its better showings at the biggest gaming event of the year, but can the Japanese giant top it? We’re not so sure but that’s not really what we’re talking about today. Instead, we’re going to have a stab in the dark and see if we can guess what Sony has up its sleeve. It’s all good fun, right? If we end up being right on a few things, we’re leaving the site, heading to Vegas and trying our luck on the tables. Adios! (Maybe.)

Chris Harding

Spider-Man VR Game

Come on. Who doesn’t want to pretend they’re Spider-Man? There’s been a ton of Spidey games through gaming’s relatively short history but none have truly captured the motion sickness like a VR interpretation could. I reckon Sony is working on a Spider-Man VR game for PS4. There. I’ve said it. Does it make me stupid? Maybe, but there are rumours that Sony is working on an unannounced Spider-Man game for PS4, so it’s not entirely impossible.

PS4 Neo

The worst kept secret ever. Sony hasn’t made any official announcements yet but we reckon that Welsh fella, Andrew House, is going to step out onto the stage hand-in-hand with Yoshida and just scream “OMG! We made a new console! You guys should, like, totally buy it!”

Alright, maybe not quite as theatrical as I’d wish, but it’s going to happen. Sony’s going to announce the PS4 Neo as a slightly better version off the PS4. The price? Same as a launch PS4. Mark my words. (Don’t mark my words, I’m five into a six-pack of Red Bull, I’m out of control.)

Uncharted 4 Download Content

What better place to announce the download content to one of the year’s biggest games? Naughty Dog has already confirmed that there’s going to be some single-player content, but I wouldn’t put it past Sony to drag one of the studio heads up to the stage and make them awkwardly play through a few minutes of whatever the paid extra is.

Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare and Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare – Remastered

Sony tied up the marketing rights to Call of Duty a while back, and since then it’s been pushing the CoD hard on all the dude-bros. Last year we saw the firm shove Black Ops 3 into a bunch of bundles and then we had the relentless (and annoying as hell) TV adverts. This year will be more of the same, the emphasis being on the “more” part. Infinite Warfare might have had the dude-bros throwing their brewskies out of their fraternity house windows into the faces of nerds but Modern Warfare Remastered had them high-fiving till their palms could take no more.

I reckon we’re gonna get our first showing of both games in action at E3, and almost most definitely on the Sony stage due to the marketing deals that have been going on.

PS Vita 2

This isn’t a serious prediction, it’s more along the lines of wishful thinking. I’m a big fan of the PS Vita but even I have to admit that it’s been something of a flop. The best way for Sony to go forward and redeem itself in the eyes of PS Vita lovers across the world would be to get a successor out the door ASAP. There’s 0.1% chance that Sony will announce a PS Vita 2 but I’ll still be crossing my fingers; there’s even less chance that they’d announce a new first-party game for the current Vita.

Conor Hutton

Middle Earth: Shadow of Mordor 2

There’s been a series of rumours flying around the internet lately about a sequel to 2014’s hit game Shadow of Mordor. Well what better place to announce the sequel than E3 2016? I don’t actually think the game will be called Shadow of Mordor 2. Instead I reckon it will be something like ‘Middle Earth: Whatever New Sub-title They Come Up With’. I don’t think the game will be set in Mordor again, but I don’t think we’ll be free-roaming the entirety of Middle Earth either. They’ll probably limit it to Rohan or Gondor and their surrounding lands. To make what I consider to be a safe prediction a little bolder I’m going to say they’ll have a trailer with a confirmed holiday 2016 release date and they’ll show off some behind-closed-doors gameplay to a privileged few.


For my second prediction I think Sony will show off some gameplay for Quantic Dream’s upcoming title Detroit. We’ll get a look at how the game works and someone will probably come out on stage and bang on about frames per second and beautiful graphics. However, I think that they’ll also announce that the game will not be coming in 2016 but will arrive in the first half of 2017.


E3 seems like a logical place to reveal whatever June’s map for the episodic new Hitman series will be. I think this one will definitely be at Sony’s show because that’s where the game was revealed at E3 last year. We will be shown a new trailer for the map and get a release date, but we will not see gameplay. They might also announce that release date for the physical edition of the game.

Crash Bandicoot

Okay I’m only predicting this because somebody has to. In fact I’ll go one step further and predict that it will be a launch title and exclusive for the PS Vita 2 Chris is hoping for. Screw it I’ll go further, they’ll announce that both the Vita 2 and Crash are launching during their conference. They’ll also be completely free because why the hell not? In other words no I don’t think Crash will be there… although knowing my luck this will be the only prediction I get right. Poo.

Jake Ellis

God of War 4

For E3 this year my first prediction is going to be an official announcement for a God Of War 4. It’s a successful franchise that I would love to see more of, perhaps it will be one of the first titles for the PlayStation Neo? God Of War: Ascension was underwhelming but not enough that people wouldn’t give another game a shot. There are some credible rumours to suggest it may move to a Nordic setting, too, so that’s worth coming back to a decade-old franchise!

A New Destiny Expansion

Next up is a Destiny expansion which I firmly believe will be announced. Bungie has been teasing us with it for awhile now and from the rumours it looks like we could be expecting a large Cabal themed expansion with new story content. Hopefully this will be officially announced at E3.

Red Dead Redemption 2

Finally and in my opinion the least likely of my predictions but perhaps the one I would appreciate the most is a Red Dead Redemption 2. Nice big open world, old school western style RPG, it’s unique and my god did people love the first one. A good cowboy western game has been seriously lacking in recent times so fingers crossed Rockstar is going to drop that one on us at E3.

So that’s our best/worst guesses for E3 2016. What do you think the firm will/won’t announce? Do you want a Red Dead Redemption 2? Would you throw a pissy fit if the PS4 Neo was announced? Tell us your hopes and dreams down in the comment section below.

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