Pure PlayStation’s Game of the Year 2016: Chris’ Pick

Pure PlayStation’s Game of the Year 2016: Chris’ Pick

It’s been one hell of a year for games, hasn’t it? We’ve had what feels like a countless onslaught of releases over the past 12 months, not that I’m complaining. Well, actually, no. I am complaining a little bit. There are so many games but so little time, so unfortunately I’ve missed out on a few big games, as well as countless great indies that flew right under my busy-body nose. At least I’ll be able to pick them up cheap, I guess.

So, out of the 12 million games I’ve played this year, what’s my number one? It’s a tough call and I’ve put off writing this article so that I can have a bit of extra time staring at my library of games. Seriously, it’s pretty sick and the Mrs is always insisting I sell some of the older games I don’t play anymore. Fuck that. Knack is with me for life.

For me, 2016’s top title was Watch Dogs 2. It’s a little surprising, really, as I didn’t really get along with the original Watch Dogs. I remember enjoying the first 15 minutes or so, but after that I was just bored. Still finished it, mind, but I didn’t enjoy it. Watch Dogs 2 was the complete polar opposite. From the moment I entered the vibrant, digital rendition of San Francisco, I was hooked. Everything was better. Better graphics, better gameplay, better characters, better storytelling. Just better everything. I didn’t really think I’d gel with the hipster-hacker group of characters, yet I kept going back for more. I wanted to see the interactions between these people. I wanted to know their motivations. I wanted them to be my actual friends. Note to actual friends: You’re a little boring, very unsexy, and our mischievous adventures stopped when we were 17. Sort it out or I’m going on a Facebook spree.

As a frequent reviewer of games, I’m accustomed to finishing a game and then abandoning it. It’s happened far more than I’d like. Mafia 3? Didn’t do half the side stuff. Ratchet & Clank? Couldn’t be arsed slugging my way through for the trophies. DriveClub VR? Nobody is playing it online, and I’ve done the single-player stuff. Watch Dogs 2? I’m still going back to San Francisco at least twice a week to piss people off online, collect the data thingys, and just generally have a bit of a laugh. Not even GTA V’s expansive open-world and online multiplayer kept me hooked for as long as Watch Dogs 2 has.

For me, Watch Dogs 2 is a no-brainer. Forget the bollocks that was Watch Dogs. Forget that boring sod Aiden “I so sorry for myself” Pearce. Forget the sometimes cringy marketing. Get Watch Dogs 2 and prepare for the best game 2016 spewed out.

Disagree? Agree? Indifferent? Want to chime in with your own personal Game of the Year? Get yourself down to the comments and hack away until a comment appears. Actually, er, don’t hack anything. It’s illegal.

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