Pure PlayStation’s Game of the Year 2016: Jason’s Pick

Pure PlayStation’s gang of writers have put together their own personal Game of the Year 2016 pieces. We didn’t all agree with the main Game of the Year piece – and why would we? – so we’ve all got our own 500 words of preaching to convince you that our individual picks are the greatest. Here’s Jason’s. 

Doom. As a game, it reaches back to my sweet youth when I was spending time in front of the PC and teaching demons that there are worse things than hell. There were rumors a new game was coming, and, as I mentioned in my review, I was concerned that it would be like so many other reboots and sequels. I was worried that they would take the Doom name and apply it to the newest generic shooter attempting to cut into those delicious Call of Duty dollars.

The actual game was better than I could have expected, and it was that rare modernization of the experience while keeping it mostly true to its roots. Along with the red barrels and chainsaw, they would add in glory kills and SnapMap.

So, what made it my game of the year? First, Doom is fast. Too many modern shooters want the player lumbering around like a 1 ton man who sat on some broom handles. Doom forces you to move to stay alive, and it gives you the speed to actually survive the waves of enemies it throws at you.

Doom is ferocious. Everywhere you look, there are blood and guts, and there are even more monsters looking to use yours as finger paint. The game is not about learning the finer points of Hell democracy. It is a fight to survive. The glory kills can become their own rhythm game as you bounce between your foes in a gory staccato beat, ripping out pieces of their flesh and reaping the health or ammo rewards to give you one more second of play time or one more bang from your shotgun.

Doom is focused. Without a doubt, it is a game that really trims the fat, and gets right to the meat (pun intended) of the experience. Shortly after starting the game, you are on your way toward ripping hell a new poop chute. I love a great story, but the story in Doom never gets in the way. The action is finely tuned, and the developers knew what kind of game they wanted to make. It is not a dramatic epic about one man’s struggle to blah blah blah. If you want more information, it is there, but the game is best when you are shooting, and it keeps you on target.

Doom is fun. Games are a huge release for me and they help me to relax, even when I am yelling obscene things at the screen. Doom’s moment to moment action is the most exhilarating gameplay I have had all year, and this is after removing my nostalgia glasses. Tense encounters push you to keep moving and shooting almost constantly combining with a symphony of gratuitous explosions that would make Arnold Schwarzenegger and Sylvester Stallone give an approving wink.

I did not play as many titles this year as I would have liked, but my heart was stolen early in the year by Doom. I only hope I do not have to wait another twelve years for a sequel.

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