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Pure PlayStation’s Pure Hype: Games We’re Hyped For in July

Welcome to the latest feature on Pure PlayStation. Pure Hype will be a monthly event where we sit down and decide what games we’re most hyped for in the following month.

June will soon be waving us away while July ushers in new games for PlayStation fans. There’s a ton of goodies ready and waiting to hit store shelves and the PlayStation Network, so let’s have a look at what Pure PlayStation is ‘Pure Hype’ for.

PS4 – July 2016

July was supposed to have us ditching social interaction due to being lost in the depths of No Man’s Sky, but it wasn’t to be. The game got pushed back to August, but it’s not all bad. Though you should definitely expect to see No Man’s Sky in our next ‘Games to Watch’ feature at the end of July.

Song of The Deep (Insomniac Games, July 12th, PSN, Retail)

Insomniac Games’ latest title will be its first to be released under the new publishing company, Game Trust,  set up by video game retailer GameStop. It’s a cheap game at just $14.99 so we’re not expecting something as grand as say Insomniac’s upcoming Spider Man game on PS4, but it looks like a charmer none the less.

Tumblestone (Ty Taylor, July 12th, PSN)

What can one man do when he puts his mind to it? He can create Tumblestone, that’s what. The one-man studio has taken the tired and boring match-three formula and turned it on his head. We’ve not had any time with the game but from what we’ve heard, Tumblestone sounds like a challenging little game that’ll be fun with friends. Yes, we’ll be playing it. No, we probably won’t be friends afterwards.

Videoball (Action Button Entertainment, July 12th, PSN)

This one actually looks like it’ll scratch the itch of retro footy that Dino Dini’s Kick Off Revival failed to satisfy. You’re basically a team of triangle playing pong-style football (or soccer…) on a 2D pitch. It sounds stupid and it looks ridiculously simple, but we reckon this could be another great addition to the party genre with its local multiplayer options. Picture it: Friday night, the lads are round, the beers are flowing. Dave suggests a cheeky Nandos, but you suggest a cheeky Videoball. A coin is tossed and fate fortunes your decision. Three hours later and you’re all beating each other to pulps, arguing over who’s the best Videoball-er. Sounds like bliss to us.

PS3 – July 2016

Oh. There’s nothing here. Ah. Well then. Er, at least there’s the free PS Plus games, right?

PS Vita – 2016

Lumo (Triple, Eh?, July 5th, PSN)

There’s not a lot coming to the PS Vita these days that gets the Pure PlayStation team massively excited (sorry!) but Lumo definitely got us sitting upright. It’s an isometric adventure/puzzler that harks back to the days when computers were really, really, really crap. Honestly, your digital watch probably has 10X the processing power of the machines back then.

We’re actually cheating a little on this entry as one of the team (me, Chris, howdy!) has already been playing the game on Steam, but we’re still eager to get this one running on the Vita.

So, that’s what Pure PlayStation is looking forward to in the month of July. Are we hyped for the wrong games? Are there any gems we just need to check out? Let us know down below and we’ll jot them in our diaries.

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