Pure Savings: Game Deals for October 1st – 7th (NA)

Sunday can be a fun day for gaming. Not only can we find a little more time for our favorite hobby, but retailers will drop ads with some (hopefully) dropped prices, allowing you to buy another game on your list. Scouring all those ads with goofy people in unrealistic poses can be a real chore, so we have gathered all the ads we could find and pulled out the juicy bits for your pleasure.

For today, we looked at ads for Best Buy, Target, Walmart, Micro Center, and Fry’s Electronics. Not everyone had something worth sharing. Unlike retailers, we are not going to tell you a game is selling for full MSRP and call that a sale.

You may have seen these games advertised for less in the past, and they may be cheaper on PSN. Since we have to draw the line somewhere, if it is discounted at the physical store, we will try to bring that to you. After that, the choice is between you and your wallet.

Please bear with us here as we work on the format. It is less than ideal for now. Also, since this is the first time, let us know in the comments if we skipped somewhere you love, or if we are missing a great deal.

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Location Title PriceĀ  Savings
Best Buy Madden NFL 18 $44.99 $15
Best Buy For Honor $29.99 $30
Best Buy Redout: Lightspeed Edition $29.99 $10
Best Buy Hunting Simulator $29.99 $10
Best Buy F1 2017 $49.99 $10
Best Buy Watch Dogs 2 $24.99 $25
Best Buy Battlefield 1 $29.99 $10
Best Buy Call of Duty: Black Ops III $49.99 $10
Best Buy The Surge $39.99 $20
Best Buy Tom Clancy’s The Division $19.99 $20
Best Buy Free Resident Evil 7 with PSVR $349.99
Target Nothing for PlayStation in the ad
Target Cartwheel Styx Shards of Darkness $39.99 20%
Target Cartwheel Warriors All Stars $47.99 20%
Target Cartwheel Farm Simulator 17 $37.49 25%
Fry’s Electronics PS4 Pro 1TB Limited Edition Destiny 2 Bundle $449.00
Fry’s Electronics F1 2017 $49.99 $10
Fry’s Electronics Final Fantasy XIV: Stormblood $34.96 $4.81
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