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Pure Talk: 7 PSVR Experiences We’d Throw Our Money At

Yep, we’re doing a list. It’s Monday morning and there’s no much else to do, and after having a deep discussion within our ranks here at Pure PlayStation, we’ve decided to compile a wish-list of PSVR experiences we’d throw our good money at, no questions asked.

Discussing plans for Uncharted 4.
Flynn: “You’re tellin’ me, right, that you don’t wanna shoot anyfin’? Drake: “Yeah, I just wanna clean old shit for fun.”

Uncharted: The Experience

If you played Uncharted: Golden Abyss on the PS Vita, you’ll immediately see where I’m going with this one. Instead of being a first person shooter where you stand in the scruffy boots of Nathan Drake, cracking jokes while blowing skulls, how about a couple of hours as Drake doing some exploring. It doesn’t even need to have any of the tedious climbing, just the act of finding lost treasures, picking them up, inspecting them and dusting them off. It worked really nicely on the PS Vita’s touchscreen with the different input methods, but now we long for something a little more immersive, and thanks to PlayStation VR, it’s now entirely possible.

The first-person game you didn’t know you wanted. You do want it. Believe.

Farming Simulator:  Combine PSVR Harvester

Ok, this is a personal request by this writer; Farming Simulator is his guilty pleasure. Don’t judge. Please. Giants Software has really brought the series forward in recent years, and it just keeps getting better. The natural next step, then, is PSVR compatibility. See, when we’re on our farms, toiling the land and working up a sweat (on the palms), we’re really into it. However, actually being able to walk around the farm, throw a bit of chicken feed at the chickens and maybe even wrestle a pig or two would be, in a word, epic.

You’ll be able to fly like a bird, but you’ll still look a bit daft.

Superman: Flight and Fight

We’ve had Batman: Arkham VR give us a taste of what it’s like to be a superhero, but how about the greatest of them all? Yes, we’d love to fly around Metropolis as the Man of Steel, and in PSVR, it’d be pretty wicked – maybe even a little nauseating. We wouldn’t leave it there, though, as we’d want to punch some punks in the chops and see them launched across a city street. The Last Son of Krypton hasn’t had a good relationships with video games, but we reckon he finally find his feet with PSVR.

Nothing funny here, go to the next picture. Sorry.

FIFA: Be the Keeper

Sod the centre forwards and all the glory they hog with them goals, we want to be the man between the posts. There’s already a footy game for the PSVR (Headmaster) though it only really tackles (no pun intended) the heading aspect of the beautiful game. We’d love to see a FIFA experience where you  see the game through the eyes of the keeper. Have you ever dreamed of being Peter Schmeichel? Fabien Barthez? David Seaman? We have (not). Pair it up with a couple of the PS Move wand controllers and you’ve got the making of a product that could be something special; not every PSVR game needs to be a shooter, right? Saying that…

Alternate title – Killzone: Stay in the Play Zone

Killzone: Helghast Blast

C’mon, there was no way we were going to get through this wish-list without a shooter cropping up somewhere, and what better shooter than Sony’s first-party, futuristic Killzone? This would need to be an on-the-rails deal with the PS Move controllers being used for shooting, launching grenades, and giving the finger to the Helghast bastards. Killzone: Shadowfall didn’t really spark the imagination (it was a bit crap, let’s be honest) but there’s a good chance at injecting a bit of life into the franchise with this new way to play.

Dismemberment Simulator 2017

Star Wars: Legendary Lightsaber Battles

WHY IS THIS NOT ALREADY A BLOODY THING?! Ahem, excuse us, we’re just really confused as to why we aren’t doing our best impressions of Star Wars Kid in our front rooms yet. Like, seriously, PSVR is the perfect opportunity to let players live out their Star Wars fantasies. Of course, Star Wars Battlefront players on PS4 will be getting the X-Wing experience a little later this year for PSVR, but c’mon, EA, hear our cries and let us go saber-to-saber with Darth Vader, Mace Windu, and even that ratty little brat, Yoda.

Imagine you and your mates all stood around in a dimly lit room, all playing with your wands…

Harry Potter and The PS Move Wand of Magical Stuff and Things

Being a British site, we’re big fans of that nerdy little git, Harry Potter. In all seriousness, we’d love a fully immersive Harry Potter experience, even if it was just us swishing and flicking our PS Move wands to cast curses on Slytherin first-years. Bonus feature: VR Quidditch. Yes, we’d look daft with a move controller between our legs, but we’ve looked worse.

And that is our PSVR wishlist. Obviously most of these will never happen, but it’s fun to imagine. What game’s (or even non-games!) would you like to see released on PSVR? Place your virtual comment down below.

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