Pure Talk: PlayStation VR Has Turned Me Off “Regular” Gaming

Ah, PlayStation VR. I honestly didn’t expect it to have that much of an impact on me. I was full of pessimism from the day it was announced as Project Morpheus, right up until the moment I put the headset on and opened the PlayStation VR demo on the PS4. It was within the virtual menu that I first let out a genuine “holy f**king Christ alive,” and I’ve since let slip many more.

PlayStation VR is a weird thing; it lets you play games as if you are actually within the game world itself. It allows you to have previously impossible interactions thanks to motion controls combined with fully realised world. It’s basically the future. So you’ll have to excuse me for saying that when I went back into Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End this week, I was a little bit… Underwhelmed? I’m not sure if that’ the right word for it, but I certainly didn’t feel as comfortable.

Does Arkham Knight let you take the piss out of Batman and get away with it? No. No it doesn’t.

Every action Drake carried out seemed unnatural. Why am I pressing a button to reload? Why am I aiming with such a rudimentary input device? Where the hell is my 3D audio?! Yeah, it’s fair to say that I’ve been spoiled by the wonders of PlayStation VR, though I can’t be the only one, right?

Going back to the “normal” way of playing games felt so strange and uncivilised, whereas whacking on the PSVR headset and picking my Uzi machine gun off the dashboard in The London Heist, driving around Chile in DriveClub, and playing the piano in Batman: Arkham VR just felt so natural – alright, maybe the piano playing wasn’t that natural, but you get the point.

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The only time drink driving is both fun and safe is in DriveClub VR. Not condoning it but c’mon, isn’t VR all about doing what you can’t in real life?

There’s a weird disconnect that comes with VR gaming, and it’s not one that I’m going to be able to shake any time soon. The physicality of actually being a part a game and not just the guy on the other side of the screen is a weird and wonderful feeling that brings a new dimension to something I’ve been doing for more than 20 years, yet it may just call a time on my days as a “regular” gamer.


Nah, not really, but it’s definitely becoming harder to tear myself away from the headset and play a non-VR game. Until every game is made specifically for VR (and with full roomscale, tactile feedback, etc.,) I’ll just have to do my best to play games the old fashioned way. Well, I’ve got no choice really as I’ve got to review non-VR games, too. Yeah, I know, it’s a hard job but somebody has to do it.

Do you think I’ve let PlayStation VR get to my head – literally, or do you have a similar kind of disregard for your non-VR games? Gather down in the comments and we’ll start a support group together. 

  1. I definately feel this way, My intial reactions too VR was in this order…
    1- This is a bit wierd but cool
    2- WOW this is f***ing amzing
    3- Ok the wow factor has worn off but this is the way games were always meant to be played…. and I felt weirdly at home

    I’ve decided that if i can help it im only going to invest in VR games from now on the only exception being really really good non vr games. Problem is, is the catalogue of psvr games going to slowdown/halt after this launch rush? sure the PSVR is well supported now but will that last and will we start seeing AAA titles on there?

  2. I was widely amazed by the VR. I played the play room vr and was wowed by the fact I felt part of the game. Moved to Eve Valkyrie and it just kept getting better. Started London heist and was sad that it ended very soon. Can’t wait to see the future line up of games along with it being paired to the ps4 pro. All in all I’m amazed on how well it turned out.

  3. How do I feel about PSVR? Don’t know? I’m too poor to afford one even though Ive been interested in VR since my days at the university where I created a VR Magazine. My degree isn’t worth the sheep skin it’s printed on due to the heavy outsourcing of my field. Geuss I get to watch from the sidelins. Go PSVR, go!

  4. It’s a valid concern about the AAAs. I bought a Vita on day one and expected it to stand the test of time. I’m just hoping Sony doesn’t throw the PSVR in the river when the sales inevitably slow down.

  5. couldn’t agree more, i love my driving games dirt rally especially but since i have played driveclub in vr i cant go back to normal flat screen gaming. i love uncharted 4 and i done exactly the same, started playing it for about 5 minutes then turned it off and went back to playing vr worlds. i love playstation vr its visual clarity is not amazing but so far it hasn’t impacted my enjoyment . i know there a lot of people saying wait for xbox Scorpio but thats a year away and oculas rift is a lot more expensive. i cant wait for resident evil, i played the kitchen demo and it was great

  6. Totally agree. I have been away from games for years but when I first tried VR I was amazed and hooked. The feeling of ACTUALLY being INSIDE a game is mind blowing.

  7. I too have the very same issues. From the moment I put on my PSVR I was at home I’ve been holy f***ing every second. How the hell how we have been playing 2D games all this time. I just got job simulator this weekend and can’t stop playing it!! The visuals and feeling of being in that kitchen and office and manipulating everything just blows my mind every time. Kismet sitting across the table from a gypsie lady telling your fortune and the visuals in that game are incredible. I tried to play some 2D games and had a really hard time, I was jonesing for VR. I’m hooked on it.

  8. Haha! I’m glad I’m not the only one! You need to give Tethered a go on PSVR – it’s out tomorrow and it is incredible. We’ll have a review up on it soon if you’re looking for some honest opinions! Spoiler: IT’S AMAZING!

  9. I’ve been following that one too. It became my back up pick up when Bridge Crew made me cry cause they pushed back till March. That one I’m really, really want bad. Die hard Trekkie and after playing job simulator I really want bride crew now, I bet it going to absolutely f*** with my mind!!

  10. Yeah, sad times indeed, but better delayed than released a mess! Also, depending on how you fare with VR sickness, give Wildlands a look. It’s mental, but it floored me 🙁

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