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Pure Warning: Cyberpunk 2077 Leaks Expected As Early Copies Released

First there were the delays. Then there was the cut content. But now it looks like Cyberpunk 2077 could be spoiled by good old fashioned leaks. That’s because a number of users on Reddit have highlighted the fact that copies of the game can already be found in the stock rooms of retailers. And, unsurprisingly, some have apparently been bought. So, it won’t be too long before the whole thing is played out on YouTube, in some kind of premature walkthrough – we just have to make sure none of us sees it.

These sales come just a few days over what was its original release date. And about three weeks before when its next expected out. But in some kind of misunderstanding or stocking error, this street date has been broken – in style, too!

It hasn’t taken long for the first footage to be posted online, with around 10 minutes of the early content already being shown. However, this streamer might be disappointed by the comments they’re getting as they (apparently) “talk too much” and were distracted by the question “how did you get it?”. Oh, and skipping the character creation screen – losing possible skill points forever – didn’t go down well either, leading to the question of why streamers aren’t better at what they do?

But let’s leave the politics aside for a second. And realise just how significant of an impact leaks like this have on our enjoyment. It’s one thing to avoid these spoilers post launch, but to be treading on Google-shaped eggshells this early on is taking it to another level. Before we know it all developers will be taking a leaf out of Kingdom Hearts 3’s book and making the ending an additional download – and then where will we be in the future, unable to finish physical games?

Source: Reddit

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