Puzzler Maquette is a Beautiful World Within a World (Within a World)

Announced as part of the PlayStation Indies, Maquette is one of the games that caught my eye, although they are all worth a look. The puzzle game creates a recursive world which is a smaller world inside a larger world inside a much larger world, in theory, repeating infinitely. The explanation on the PlayStation Blog sounds a bit like Inception, but the trailer does a good job of explaining the concept, and I would recommend you read it for a high-level view of what they are trying to accomplish.

I’ll be sticking with a more basic explanation through the gameplay trailer. The world you inhabit is connected to at least two other worlds that are exactly the same except in scale. You can enter a building in the trailer that shows an exact model of your world. If you move a block in the model, it moves the giant block that would be far too heavy to lift. Off in the distance, an even larger block moves.

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You can even introduce outside objects into the model. There is a key to open a door, but the bridge beyond the door has a gap. Remove the key from the door to use it in the model. When you return to the regular-sized bridge, you can walk across a giant key to get to the other side. It’s a concept the team intends to build on and twist as you play.

Beyond the puzzles, Maquette will take you on “a journey of love, loss, and acceptance.” It looks very interesting, and the only thing I need to know now is when we can play it. The trailer says it’s coming soon to the PS4 and PS5, so we’ll let you know more when we know. For now, check out the trailer and screenshots.

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