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Puzzler Superliminal Releasing July 7th

I’ve seen the Superliminal trailer at the top several times, and it’s an interesting take on the puzzle genre. After going to the PC, it’s coming to the PS4 on July 7th. The launch trailer gives you a taste of the type of puzzles the game will throw at you and the kind of thinking you’ll need to do to solve them. It’s an interactive lesson on the value of taking a different perspective.

Everything is seen in first person, but not everything is what it seems. The trailer shows you picking up an object, raising it up, and watching as a much larger item comes crashing down. You can grab the moon, make a large chess piece smaller, and generally manipulate the items you see by looking at them differently. It’s a clever way of solving problems that’s not immediately obvious but is visually gripping.

To see if the game is as gripping as the trailer, you can give Superliminal a look from many different angles when it releases on July 7th.

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