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Quit Your Job and Work for PlayStation (NA)

Everyone has a dream job. If you are reading this, you have probably thought about working in games at least once in your life. Then you hear rumors about the long hours, low pay, and some part of you still thinks it would be awesome. Why not work for the company that makes amazing games and a platform for them instead?

PlayStation dropped a hiring trailer on YouTube today, and, we have to admit, it is really tempting. They create entertainment, not just games. You could be on the forefront with the PSVR, developing new IPs in game studios, meeting with the big publishers, helping to shape the future for your fellow gamers, and just showing those games to others at the next big press event. It’s a big responsibility, and it looks like amazing fun in a great environment.

Here is the bad news. Most of the jobs appear to be in California. California is great, but the location is a bit outside our daily commuting range. (We draw the line at several thousand miles.) There are some listings in Texas, Wisconsin, and Canada as well.

Here is the good news. If you already live there or can move for a dream job, YOU SHOULD APPLY, assuming you are remotely qualified for it. You are probably a gaming enthusiast, and you love your hobby. People who love what they are creating or building make a better product, and that is better for the rest of us when we buy it at retail. We also wouldn’t mind seeing a few more people who love their jobs in the world.

It may be our browser location that pushed us to the North American site, but we don’t see any EU listings. That’s a real shame. PlayStation needs good people around the world. We hope the EU and other regions see a similar post soon.

Until then, you can see all the job postings by clicking here. Polish up that resume, and good luck!

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