It’s Quiz Time Will Abuse Your Friends and Family, So You Don’t Have To

Around this time of year, we have a chance to gather with friends and family and share the good news of video games. That is one of the reasons we love couch co-op so much. It gives us a chance to do something fun as other members of the family start to drift into an afternoon nap.

Co-op has started to evolve, and It’s Quiz Time is a great example of that evolution. It’s a trivia game with over 25,000 questions, and up to eight people can play locally by using their phones. There are the usual different categories, and it plays like an episode of Jeopardy, if the contestants were allowed to be drunk.

The presentation is handled by an AI assistant named Salli. She comments on the game, and will tailor the experience to a player’s age. To keep things lively, she will encourage or mock a player and keep the spirit of competition going.

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She may also chase away your less intelligent friends or family. The trailer shows her beating up on Jamie for his inability to answer questions and low score. Depending on who your “Jamie” is, It’s Quiz Time might be the perfect solution for removing someone from your night of fun.

Beyond single and multiplayer modes, It’s Quiz Time is built for livestreaming. You can stream your game and play with your audience on Twitch or YouTube as you play up to 10,000 of your closest fans. There are two modes at launch with more planned for the future.

It’s Quiz Time is currently available for the lower introductory price of £15.99 / €19.99 / $19.99. Although it will not be available until next year, it will also have a season pass with events and additional content.

Check out the trailer to see if you need to pick up a new party game.

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