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R.I.P Battleborn – May 2016 -September 2017

It was never to be, was it? Battleborn struggled from the first foot out of the gate and it never really managed to pick up into anything more than a lame limp, even with an adrenaline shot in the bum with a free trial.

Gearbox has announced that work on Battleborn is ending and that after the Fall Update, there will be no more content updates or support for the game. It’s over. It’s done. Gearbox has let go of the dying horse to let it finally rest in peace.

Gearbox’s Randy Varnell made the announcement over on the game’s official forums where he also hinted that he’ll be moving his work over the unannounced project that was teased during this year’s PAX West. You know, Borderlands 3. C’mon, it has to be Borderlands 3. It can’t not be Borderlands 3. We’ve all but given up hope of another Brothers in Arms…

While it’s sad that the game didn’t live a very long life, at least some got hours of enjoyment out of it. Not this writer. He’s still got his brand new, sealed, bargain bin 5€ copy on top of a wardrobe. Who knows, maybe it’ll be worth money someday…

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