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Race Across Supersized Tracks as Super Toy Cars 2 Lands on PS4 Today

Super Toy Car 2 is an arcade tabletop racing game heavily inspired by micro machines, with a plucky attitude to match. The aim of the game is to race your itty-bitty model cars amongst a variety of outrageous and zany tracks compiled from daily life objects, whilst attempting to overtake and outwit other racers with your slick powers up or just simply smash your opponents to smithereens. These daily life objects can be anything from an overflowing stack of poker chips, a hilarious enlarge inflatable rubber duck to a wacky pair of scissors trying to slice you down. Because we all played with poker chips and scissors when we were kids, right?

Super Toy Cars 2 is brought to us by Eclipse Games and is a direct sequel from the first Super Toy Cars that was originally released on the PS4 all the way back in January 2016. Super Toy Cars 2 arrives on the PS4 today.

What does the new game have in store? The game will have new gleaming visuals, 20 different cars with 5 different classes to boot, 16 new tracks to swerve through, new power-ups to smash through tracks and opponents alike, two-player local multiplayer, 6-8 hour new career mode to progress through, and a unique soundtrack including a section of indie bands and DJ’s to bob your head along too.

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