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Racket Fury: Table Tennis VR Coming Next Week

We may not deserve a good table tennis game on PSVR, but we want one. Yes, we have VR Ping Pong, but if you’ve read our review, you know it left a lot to be desired. Good news tiny tennis fans, 10Ants Hill’s Racket Fury: Table Tennis VR is set to launch for PSVR October 2nd.

The game has been available on Steam for a while and it has a pretty impressive overall score. Although the PSVR version does come with 16 AI opponents and 4 cups to play through, the game’s multiplayer mode won’t be available at launch. Developer 10Ants Hill says that they are working on it and plan on adding that mode down the road.

Check out the trailer above for now, and check back with Pure PlayStation as we get more information.

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