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Radical Rabbit Stew is a Literal Food Fight

Radical Rabbit Stew pits chefs from space against deadly rabbits to see who will wind up being dinner, and it will be ready for release this summer. These rascally rabbits will need to be taught a lesson in fine dining, and you have the culinary know-how, along with a spoon to defend yourself. As the weapon of true champions, your chef will be able to find spoons with different abilities to help you overcome these rabbits’ furry fury.

It’s an action and arcade game at heart, but there’s something for everyone. Even though you’ll be swinging your spoon at rabbits, your chef will need to be a little brainy too. There are puzzles for you to solve and different rabbits to overcome. The boss fights will be extra challenging and will require some strategy beyond waving your spoon and hoping for the best.

Even with the challenge, the developer is making a fun game that anyone can jump into and play even for shorter sessions. Some of the levels are only one screen, and others are more of a side scroller. It also combines one of my favorite features – couch co-op, because sometimes multiplayer is just better when you’re beating a friend or family member in person. How else can you witness the look on their face when you win?

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For a little more background, it’s being published by Sold Out, and they seem to have a pretty good portfolio with titles like Zombie Army 4: Dead War (review), Wargroove, Yooka-Laylee and the Impossible Lair (review), and the upcoming and very interesting No Straight Roads. They seem to back a wide variety of games.

If you’re not too afraid of the coronavirus, you can play a demo of the game at PAX East at the end of the month. It will be on the Nintendo Switch, but we don’t fear gaming on other platforms. If you can’t attend PAX East this year, you can watch the trailer and view the screenshots to see Radical Rabbit Stew before its July 16 launch.

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