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Ragdoll Physics Puzzler Nebulous Hits PS4 August 30th

Nebulous is a sci-fi puzzle game by Namazu Studios where you let gravity have its way with Commander Dash Johnson. The story goes that Mr. Johnson was exploring space before being pulled into a wormhole and arriving in a dimension full of puzzles and traps. It is up to you to position a myriad of devices in an effort to get Dash at each stage’s exit portal and ultimately home. We hope. You can toy with gravity altering machines, bouncers, and conveyor belts to name a few.

As an added bonus Nebulous will be compatible with PlayStation VR later in the year after its August 30th release. Through it you can play the game by just looking at things or moving your head. Namazu would also like everyone to know that part of the fun is putting their main character through tons of pain.

As fans of Rube Goldberg machines and games that allow players to manipulate physics in fun and interesting ways, we made  Nebulous to merge the essence of experimental puzzle solving with modern technology.” said Keith Hudnall, technical director, Namazu Studios.

There is also a trailer available for viewing full of hilarious quips and yelling.


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