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RAGE 2 and the Power of Combos

A new trailer released for RAGE 2 today demonstrates the many ways to creatively use combos for maximum carnage. The trailer starts with some abilities. Shatter gives someone a powerful nudge to keep them away from you. Vortex will pick up a group of enemies and swirl them around in the air. Barrier puts up an energy wall that keeps you safe. Slam can throw you into the ground and knock everyone back. The higher you fall, the more damage you cause.

Guns have their own attributes. One gun can send whatever you shoot flying in any direction. If you shoot a barrel, you can ram it and the guy you just shot into each other. Another gun lets you ignite someone after shooting them.

Alone, they are alright. Together, you can have some real fun. Throw up a barrier for defense, and then throw out vortex to pull them into your barrier and kill them. The same vortex can pop you up into the air for a slam attack or you can toss a grenade into a vortex of enemies to get them all in one kaboom.

There are a lot of interesting ways for you to combine these powers and RAGE 2 seems to be shaping up nicely for its May 14th release. Will it learn from the mistakes of the first game and deliver on its promise of explosive fun? I can only hope.

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