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Rage 2 Gameplay Revealed

This is more like it.

Yesterday’s trailer was a little too live-action for us. Sure, we have mutants and ravagers of some kind grinning at us, but how does it play? It is explosion-tastic. In quick little cuts, we see you firing guns and making things go boom. OK, Rage 2. You have our attention now.

Let’s break down some of what we saw. Starting with melee weapons, it looks like the wingstick will be back for the sequel. We did not really get a stealthy vibe from the trailer, but it can do some damage. The image is a little blurry, but there may also be an electrified sword.

Of course, your primary weapons will be an assortment of guns. We see multiple shots of machine guns, shotguns, and a rocket launcher or grenade launcher. It looks as if actual grenades will be available too.

Perhaps, you want to be more mobile in this fully open world. There is an SUV that races through multiple environments. There are also faster moving tank vehicles and some bipedal weapon platforms that we look forward to stealing.

What good is having all those guns without someone to shoot? Have no fear, practical psycopath. It looks like most of the world wants to kill you. There are many enemies on screen rushing toward you like something out of Serious Sam. Some are human, some are robotic, and some are mutants. There are even some super sized enemies that tower above your character.

Rage 2 is being made by id Software of Doom and Avalanche Studios of Mad Max and Just Cause 3. Your name is Walker, and you were the last Ranger in the world. (Please have the main character look like Chuck Norris when you walk by a mirror. You know, for Walker, Texas Ranger? Come on. It’s right there.) Somebody robbed you and left you for dead. Well, that somebody is going die. Painfully.

You will need to tear a path through the gangs and take on The Authority (someone went to the Bungie school of naming). They are a ruthless organization that seeks to dominate what’s left of the world, and they don’t say pretty please.

According to Eurogamer, Rage 2 is coming sometime in 2019, and we cannot wait to tear across that world.

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