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RAGE 2 Weapons and Powers Are Lighting Up the Wasteland

RAGE 2 delivered a new trailer today to show how your weapons and powers make you a superhero. There is even a song at the beginning, but it’s thankfully short. What the trailer is not short on is demonstrating little impressive moments in the gameplay. Yeah, it’s heavily edited together, but it’s cool to see you can throw bad guys into windmills or throw them into the air and set them on fire or just make them explode in so many ways. I do love a good explosion, and the trailer has plenty of those too.

I’m also impressed by the continued mobility I see in the trailer. There are multiple vehicles for you to drive or destroy, but walking around doesn’t seem too bad either. You can jump and collide into an area or slide across the ground. There seems to be a focus on speed everywhere.

If all the actual gameplay is as fast and explosive as this, it may be as fun to watch as it is to play. We’ll know if it’s any fun in general when RAGE 2 hits store shelves on May 14th.


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