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Rage 2 Will Be a True Open World Game From the Start, No Unlock Requirements

The entire world of Rage 2 will be playable from the start, according to a new interview published today. This is unlike some other open world games that are more akin to a puzzle where each piece needs unlocking.

Whilst speaking to VG247, the game’s director Tom Willits was keen to express the studio’s wish for players to see and find things for themselves, without relying so heavily on story prompts or unlock requirements. He said:

“As soon as you finish the introduction, the door opens and you can go anywhere.

“There are some things you want to do, but we also want you to explore, talk to folks, play at your own pace. We’re trying not to do that sector-based open world game.”

In total there will be five separate biomes brimming with eye catching attractions. And apart from the lure of pointlessly wandering, there are plenty of other activities vying for your time – racing, TV shows and bounties, to name but a few. Not to mention the post credit content that Avalanche Studios and id Software have planned.

This is a clever decision considering the increased immersion that a boundary-less map can instil in gamers. It never feels so open or fluid when you’re being buffered between invisible horizons. Besides, there are few pleasures as sweet as accidentally stumbling upon a virtual surprise.

We can only imagine the carnage we can cause from the get go. Let us at it.

What are most looking forward to in this vivid shooter? Splatter us with a comment or two below. 

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