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Raiders of the Broken Planet Will Be Scored by Oscar Araujo

Oscar Araujo is best known for his musical work on the Castlevania: Lords of Shadow series. Which some consider one of the best musical scores in all of gaming. Luckily, the developers of Raiders of the Broken Planet, MercurySteam, have acquired Mr. Araujo for their musical composition.

Having Oscar back to help us deliver something truly memorable for Raiders is something we are all very excited about,” said Enric Alvarez, the Game Director. “He always brings something exceptional to a score that adds oodles of atmosphere and sets the scene for the World and the Characters in it. Our adventure in space needs a very different approach to Oscar’s previous work but nevertheless he is rising to the occasion with a score which suits the game perfectly

I feel very comfortable working with my friends at MercurySteam once again and I’m so excited by this world of adventure they are creating in Raiders of the Broken Planet” Remarked Oscar, “It’s really making me approach my work in a new way. My hope is that the game’s music will bring a stylish sense of adventure to the game.”

For those looking to hear an early sneak peek click here to be taken to Soundcloud. You’ll be able to listen to “The Main Theme” of the game itself. Raiders of the Broken Planet is a 4v1 online sci-fi adventure where Raiders team up to fend off invaders. The core mechanic is all about shooting, brawling, thinking, and an immersive, cinematic story.

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