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Raidou Returns in Dead or Alive 6, Joined By New Games Modes and Stages

Koei Tecmo has announced today that the dangerous, sinister ninja known as Raidou will be making a grand return the upcoming Dead or Alive 6 which is soon to release on PS4.

According to Koei, Raidou’s return is all down to the power of science. Long-time Dead or Alive fans will remember he was killed off in an explosion after the first Dead or Alive tournament. Raidou, however, was not properly killed. His body was recovered and experimented on using DOATEC’s biotechnology. It means he no longer has a mind of his own and his only vice in life is to cause mayhem and destruction.

You can see some images of Raidou in action down below, but not before you read about what else has been announced for Dead or Alive 6.
Koei has also announced that there will be two new game modes for Dead or Alive 6: Quest and Training. As you can probably already guess, Training lets you train. You can practice your combos and get familiar with the cast of characters before taking them to the real fights.
Quest mode presents players with various missions during matches. So they’re basically in-match challenges and they award you Player Points that can be spent on unlocking cosmetic items. Koei says that the DOA Quest missions are “designed for players to learn and memorize the various fighting systems and techniques, improving fighting ability while moving through the increasingly difficult set of challenges.”
And now you can have a look at some screenshots, some of which are for two new stages that Koei has officially announced today. One is set in Chinatown during a festival, aptly named Chinese Festival. The other stage is called A.P.O, and it takes place in the hallways deep within the M.I.S.T research facility.
Dead or Alive 6 is set to release March 1st on PS4, Xbox One, and PC.

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