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Railway Empire Steaming into Stations Later This Year

A decade has passed since the last installment of Railroad Tycoon was released, but Kalypso has decided to change that. The company has announced that Railway Empire will be steaming on to the PlayStation 4 by the end of the year.

Kalypso has a history of reviving long-silenced PC genres and delivering an updated take available on consoles. Though their success over their 11-year existence has been far from breakout, they are known for the Tropico series that is now on its fifth edition.

Railway Empire primarily encompasses the steam train revolution in the United States, spanning 100 years from the 1830s. However diesel models will be available towards the latter part of the game.

The campaign revolves around a single goal, divided into individual tasks, for which you must complete against the AI to achieve. Otherwise you can jump into modelling mode and enjoy total freedom away from any financial restraints or on-track competition.

Players will be able to choose from passenger locomotives, fast but not powerful, or freight locomotives that are powerful but sluggish. The decision has been made, controversially or not, to make collisions impossible even at the higher difficulty levels; trains will simply ghost through one another or on the more difficult settings, where you must actively manage right of way, will stop completely until the obstruction is cleared.

Robbery and sabotage are both a threat to the player and a tactic to use against the opposition. Staff will need to be employed, and you’ll need to pick up some sand if you’re planning an uphill journey in the snow. The world can be zoomed to street level and if the “fat controller” routine takes its toll you can always hop aboard for a journey down the tracks.

Following the success of Farming Simulator, we can only expect great things from this, the latest arrival to the simulation genre.

Do you like to play pretend? Holler below.

All aboard? Choo-Choo!

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