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Rainbox Six Siege Getting Its Own Free to Play Weekend

Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six Siege performed admirably when it released two Decembers ago, both from a sale and review perspective. Still it didn’t get the kind of attention that Overwatch or Battlefield 1 did, but the shooter is still trucking away with a second year of planned DLC. The Ubisoft team also wants everyone to discover the speed, strategy, and tension of the game’s high-stakes counterterrorism. As such, a free to play weekend will be available for the shooter from February 2nd-5th. Gamers will have access to all of the maps, modes, and soldier options once they download the trial from the PlayStation Store. Additionally, you’ll be able to upgrade to the full version at a fifty percent discount and keep all the progress you made. We here at Pure PlayStation may be lost in another shooters, but we’ll definitely drop in and give Siege the light of day.

Rainbox Six Siege was released on December 1st, 2015 for the PlayStation 4 and received mostly positive reviews. The collection of Ubisoft teams that worked on the title were no doubt happy and is the reason the game’s community has stuck around so long. Let us know if you plan on participating in the free weekend and maybe we can team up together!


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