Recompile Brings Cyberspace Platforming to PS5

Metroidvania in Cyberspace.

Phigames’ and Dear Villagers’ Metroidvania hack n’ shoot ’em up Recompiles is available now on PS5, Xbox Series X|S, and PC.

Recompiles takes place in a vast supercomputer and incorporates the nonlinear gameplay and exploration that is commonly associated with the Metroidvania genre. Interestingly the game’s narrative takes place in one second of real-time and it’s all played to a soundtrack that reacts to what is happening.

Listen, I think reactive soundtracks in games are bloody cool and when it’s pulled off correctly (Devil May Cry 5) it can be incredible. The story is written by Faye Simms and explores themes of machine sentience and the nature of choice. Hardly breaking new ground, but fair enough.

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Players will take on the role of a rogue piece of code as it makes its way across the mainframe with a range of futuristic weapons and powers like time dilation and jet-pack flight. The mainframe is controlled by the hypervisor, an antagonistic AI that blocks your path with colossal enemies and environmental obstacles to prevent your escape.

Recompiles allows players to choose their approach to enemies and obstacles. Enemies can either be hacked or destroyed and there are many systems to be repaired and data to be restored across the mainframe. Players actions will have an impact on the game’s narrative with multiple possible outcomes available as they attempt to discover the truth behind the Hypervisor and the origins of the mainframe.

If you fancy a bit of platforming with a Tron vibe then this could be one worth trying out. Recompile is out now from the PlayStation Store.

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