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Red Dead Online Gets A New Job in Massive Update

Red Dead Online has a new job on offer for all you wannabe cowboys. And, by the sounds of it, it involves quite a bit of legwork. The Naturalist Frontier Pursuit will task you with going out into the wild and studying/hunting certain animals, all with the aim of filling a brand new ‘Animal Field Guide’. Something that sounds like it comes straight from Animal Crossing. But that I’m sure shows little other resemblance.

At least, that’s until we spot Tom Nook riding into town peddling his loans and a museum being built to show off your finds…

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This update will also be accompanied by the introduction of ‘Legendary Animals’, which are somewhere out there awaiting discovery. But with a name like that, I would imagine they will take some tracking down. So, perhaps don’t think this is just a passing activity amongst all the others – this could very well become an addictive mechanic of its own right. Something else that sounds very Animal Crossing-y, if you ask me.

You will, at least, get to choose whether you want to keep the newly hunted resources for yourself, or learn from you find for the “greater good”. All you have to do is pick your side.

In addition to this new distraction, there will also be more than 250 bug fixes to Red Dead Online, adjustments to the balance of the game and other care taking changes. For example, you can expect issues with matchmaking, asset spawning and Showdown lobbies to be addressed. But that’s not all.

The team have also added new events to the open world, an advanced camera to the catalogue and an improved bow. But everything else I’ve missed can be found by following the link below – be warned, there’s quite a lot!

Source: Rockstar

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