Red Dead Online’s Halloween Pass Available Now

There is a new Halloween themed pass available for purchase for Red Dead Online. With events and rewards available through November 16th, the Halloween Pass starts with the new Dead of Night mode. This is a four team multiplayer match for survival against zombies. If you can cause the death of other players, you will receive more points.

There are also mini-events. One of them allows you to harvest Harrietum Officianalis to buy the Opposum Vitalism Studies Pamphlet. Rockstar Games’ blog says it will lead you to a “transformational journey.” You can also hunt the nightwalker panther and ghost panter for pelts that can be sold to Gus’ Trapper Store. Beyond the cash, it unlocks new Garment Sets.

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There’s more included in the Halloween Pass, and everything you unlock during the event will stay with you. As I mentioned, it does require a purchase, and it will only last until November 16th.

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