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Red Dead Redemption 2 is Real, Coming Fall 2017

Eagle eyed Pure PlayStation fans may have noticed that we got all excited, like the rest of the internet, about some nice little images that Rockstar Games tweeted this week. Well now they’ve gone and confirmed what everyone was crossing their fingers, praying, rubbing severed rabbit’s feet – or whatever lucky charm they had to hand, for; Red Dead Redemption 2 has been officially confirmed and slated for a Fall 2017 release.

Smashing our hopes of a Magnificent 7 movie tie-in game, the tweet came directly from Rockstar Games this afternoon:


Along with the tweet came a link to a teaser site for the game, and the further announcement that a trailer will follow on Thursday, October 20th at 11AM EST. At the time of writing, Rockstar are continuing their daily trend of blowing up Twitter this week; with more than 25 thousand retweets of the news already. Add this to the collective 200,000k they already got for the teaser images, and that’s some serious twittering.

In a short press release to go along with the announcement, the developer describes the game as “an epic tale of life in America’s unforgiving heartland.” They’ve also clarified a little tremble that fans had on reddit in the early hours of the morning, about a potential online only game after the domain was registered by publisher Take-Two Interactive. They added: “The game’s vast and atmospheric world will also provide the foundation for a brand new online multiplayer experience.” [Phew, that clears that one up, can you even image the digitised hate if that was what Rockstar had announced? – Ed]

The game has been confirmed for PS4 and Xbox One, but no mention has yet been made of a PC release. This brief announcement was all that Take-Two and Rockstar are going to give us for now, so we’ll leave you with the not particularly enlightening words of Rockstar founder Sam Houser:

“With  Red Dead Redemption 2, the team is working hard to push forward our vision for interactive entertainment in a truly living world, we hope to deliver players an epic experience that builds upon everything we’ve learned making games.”

Get the hype train started in the comments below! Be honest, how relieved are you that this wasn’t ‘a brand new Red Dead Experience – re-imagined for the MMO market’?   



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