Red Dead Redemption Comes to PS4, PS Vita, PC December 6th via PS Now

Red Dead Redemption Comes to PS4, PS Vita, PC December 6th via PS Now

It seems like an age ago now but we still hold fond memories of hitting up middle-America in Red Dead Redemption. Since Rockstar’s seminal cowboy adventure released all those years ago, fans have been gagging for a follow-up.

A couple of weeks ago, Rockstar officially announced Red Dead Redemption 2 for PS4, but that wasn’t everything. Sony and Rockstar announced a partnership of sorts that would see PS4 players get early access to in-game content, as well as the original Red Dead Redemption on PS4 via the PS Now subscription service.

Today, Sony has announced over on the PlayStation Blog that Red Dead Redemption and Red Dead Redemption: Undead Nightmare will be available to stream on PS4 via PS Now this December 6th.

You’ll need a decent internet connection if you’re to have any hope in hell in playing the game in a reasonable manner, so bear that in mind. It’s also worth mentioning, mostly for multi-console owners, that the PS3 edition of Red Dead is actually worse than the Xbox 360 version which is available on Xbox One via true backwards compatibility. If you’re looking for the optimal playing experience, we suggest – oi, put them pitchforks down! – going for the Xbox version. Yep, we said it, but it’s for the best. Plus, PS Now isn’t exactly perfect…

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