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Red Dead Redemption Online Gets in the Festive Mood

Christmas songs are everywhere this time of year. We have no idea why. But whereas you could normally escape the festivities by tuning out of reality and into the virtuality, things aren’t going to be as straight forward this year. That’s because Christmas is creeping into the console-sphere, starting with our beloved Red Dead Redemption Online.

The invasion comes in the form of festive music, which is being played by the gifted musicians in its various saloons and bars. Initially, few noticed the tweak but players are quickly unearthing this holiday atmosphere as they go in search of that much needed pint.

Unfortunately, there doesn’t seem to be a Santa Claus galloping through the West. Neither are there any decorated trees around camp fires. But at least we can listen to a grand ol’ rendition of Silent Night or Deck the Halls as we’re drowning our cowboy sorrows.

There is a twist, however. These aren’t just any Christmas carols. These are Wild West Christmas carols, played like you’ve never heard them before! And you can listen to them in the video above, if you don’t fancy carting yourself around the various watering holes and seeing them first hand. You’d better get a move on, mind you, as we assume they’ll return to their normal repertoire once everyone’s stockings have been emptied.

Is Red Dead Online the new GTA? Or is the offline mode enough of a time hog by itself. Saddle up a comment below. 

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