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Red Wings: Aces Of The Sky Soars to Release Today

Most of what I know about the Red Baron I learned from watching Snoopy cartoons, but it looks like I can fix my educational deficiencies and experience arcade dogfighting at the same time. Why can’t all schooling be like this?

Red Wings: Aces Of The Sky brings an arcade feel to the tense encounters ace pilots experienced during World War I. During fifty missions, you have a chance to fly twelve planes from the Triple Alliance and Entente Powers. You will be able to upgrade your pilot’s skills and put those skills to the test in several game modes. One of those modes is local co-op, which I am always happy to see.

As I mentioned at the start, the game also provides some historical context. You will be able to learn about the Red Baron, Manfred Von Richthofen. You will also be able to read real letters sent from World War I fighter pilots. That should satisfy the need to learn something while actually playing, and it should correct any bad Snoopy history I learned. (I’ll bet Woodstock wasn’t even the name of the Red Baron’s co-pilot.)

If you’re ready to take off, Red Wings: Aces Of The Sky releases today, and you can check out the trailer for a look at the gameplay.

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