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Red XIII Is Only A Guest Character In Final Fantasy VII Remake

Final Fantasy VII

We reported earlier that the demo for Final Fantasy VII Remake had gone live. However, we must now bring you some sad news. Fan favourite Red XIII won’t be available as a playable character within the game, and will instead be limited to a guest role. Square Enix have explained their logic, and I must admit it makes perfect sense. But the question on everyone’s lips is – will he become playable in Part 2?

If their argument is anything to go by, he should be. Just don’t hold me to that, though.

The problem arises due to the game’s release of two halves – specifically, the portion of the original game that corresponds to the end of the first part. This has been previously described as occurring very soon after the tiger-like companion joins the roster, which means there is very little opportunity to give you full rein, so to speak. But a few fans had thought things would have been reworked to make his presence possible sooner.

That, we now know, is not the case. But maybe it will be, whenever Part 2 graces us with its presence.

Naoki Hamaguchi, co-director, told told VG247:

“We felt the point at which Red XIII joins the party in the story is very late on so we thought okay, if we’re gonna have him as a full character and try and get the player to enjoy his character development arc and growth as a character through that, it’s not really enough time to do that. 

“We thought that the best way to have him involved was as a guest character.”

Which, I suspect is a compromise everyone will be glad of. And something that will play out similarly to the first (considering he was only an extra pair of paws in battle then, and autonomous otherwise).  But what does “guest character” really mean? Well, I’m glad you asked ( and Hamaguchi answered):

“Normally throughout the game you’ll be playing as a three-man party, but you will have him as a guest character that fights alongside you during the the last part of the story. He’ll be using all of his old really nostalgic moves, and you’ll see that. We felt that was the best way of showing him off as a character and who he is. That’s why we felt that was the best way to include him.”

So, there you have it. Red XIII will have a supporting role in the Final Fantasy VII Remake. But that will mean even less if the game fails to meet our expectations. And going by initial impressions, it’s far from perfect so far. Square Enix might have a few sleepless nights to go yet – maybe giving Red a bigger part might win some fans over?

Just a thought, not that I’m condoning bribery…

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