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Regret Buying WWE 2K20? Ask Sony For a Refund

Unless you’ve been sleeping for the last week or so, you’ve probably noticed a lot of bad press surrounding WWE 2K20. Specifically, critical comments over how dated its graphics appear and how unfinished the whole thing comes across. As a result, many players have regretted their purchase and have already approached Sony for a refund.

And, surprisingly, some have even been successful. However, we doubt they’ll want to take the hit for long.

Despite the game only being out for the last few days, there has been a steady but plentiful supply of “evidence” online which demonstrates why they are so unhappy. On being counted out, fighters fail to lay upon the mat and can be seen floating in midair. In the character creation screen, faces are vanishing from view or eyes are dangling at chin level. And referees are sinking into the quicksand known as the ring.

Elsewhere, gamers can watch their fighter bouncing between ropes and mat whilst the promised autograph in the Special Edition was missing. Or scrawled in invisible ink.

Like I said, though, refunds are a little hit and miss from the digital store – probably depending on the customer service representative you’re connected along with how generous Sony have told them to be. I suspect 2K Games will have a few questions to answer, and rightly so going by the images/videos.

I’ve probably missed a few bugs, but if you’re interested in seeing the issues for yourself, a quick search on Twitter for #FixWWE2K20 should bring them to view. And keep you entertained at the same time. 

Source: Push Square

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