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Remedy Gains the Rights to Alan Wake, Could Come to PS4/PS5 in Future

There’s nothing to say that Control developer Remedy Entertainment is actively working on an Alan Wake game, but there’s also nothing to say that we couldn’t see the popular horror series land on PS4 or PS5 in the future.

The developer has gained the publishing rights to its most famed game series, Alan Wake, meaning that Microsoft is no longer in control of the franchise’s fate.

The Alan Wake games have only ever been released on Xbox 360 and PC, as they were Microsoft-published endeavours. Now that the rights are in the hands of Remedy Entertainment, an independent developer, it’s possible that us PlayStation players could get a taste of Alan Wake’s world in the future.

At the time of writing, though, there’s nothing being said by Remedy on the matter, and all hands are on deck for the upcoming release of Control on PS4. Still, watch this space. I could definitely see a remaster of the original hitting PS4 before the generation is over.

Source: Remedy

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