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Reminder: Pistol Whip Has a New Update!

Stick ’em up, partner – it’s storytime.

In case you’ve forgotten, Pistol Whip has some new content thanks to the Smoke & Thunder update, including a brand new Wild West campaign. Now I can be the cowboy of my dreams as I dual-wield revolvers. Yay!

Cloudhead Games has delivered a brand new, fully-voiced campaign to all major VR headsets including PlayStation VR. This means players of the intense musical shooter can enjoy the all-new western-themed cinematic story as well as plenty of other additions that arrived as part of the update.

In the Smoke & Thunder campaign, you’ll be the re-emerging hero of an immersive adventure filled to the brim with classic western tropes and beautiful cutscenes designed by the fan-favourite comic artist Fico Ossio and colourist Raciel Avila.

Apart from the insane soundtrack that also dropped with this update, a new system called ‘Styles’ has also been added to the mix, and it is a game-changer.

The Styles system sandbox allows players to combine their preferred weapon of choice with up to five modifiers and therefore create a bullet flying experience that they can enjoy. Once you’ve found a style that fits you then you can challenge friends or just solo it yourself to become the very best at that generated style and usurp the leaderboard of all others.

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But guns beware new weapon types have also arrived with this update, such as Brawler, the new melee-only mode and the ‘2089”s Burstfire. Not to mention the new weapons from the campaign can also be used in Styles.

If you are as indecisive as me and don’t really know what kind of style to go for then don’t panic! Pistol Whip will also include Featured Styles, which have been carefully created by Cloudhead’s team of developers and players to give you their best recommendations.

This update is free to all those that already own Pistol Whip. The game can currently be purchased from the PlayStation Store for £23.99/$24.99. However, after the 15th of August, the price of Pistol Whip will be increasing in all stores to £28.99/$29.99.

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