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Reminder: Starblood Arena on PSVR Dies This Month, Don’t Be Tempted by Deep Discounts

This is just a friendly reminder that the PSVR first-person arena shooter, Starblood Arena, will be going offline later this month. July 25th, in fact. It’s not a surprise as Sony announced it quite a while ago. However, it is worth reminding you all that if you already own the game, you’ve got just over three weeks until your disc become a coaster, or your digital download is resigned to the pits of the internet.

It’s also worth noting that if you haven’t got the game yet, don’t bother. Why pay for something that’ll only last a few weeks? Besides, the online mode is the only mode there is, and it’s not particularly busy right now. Don’t be tempted by retailers offering the game for a few pounds, dollars or euros. I was in my local supermarket where they had a bin full of brand new copies of the game. The price? 5€. Ordinarily that’s the price at which I will buy any game, but not this time. They’re just trying to move their dead stock onto you. Don’t fall for it.

It’s a shame, really, as the developers had actually created a patch for offline play, only for Sony to refuse to pay to put it through certification, even after the developers offered to use their own funds to keep the game’s servers alive.

Welcome to the digital future folks. Long live those long arse EULAs that none of us read…

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