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Resident Evil 2 Demo Proves Too Much For Most

The Resident Evil 2 one-shot demo certainly showed us who’s boss as official figures show that only 28% of all players beat the “chapter”. Capcom obviously knew what they were doing with this one!

In total, over 1.4 million gamers took up the challenge of exploring the police station within the 30 minute deadline. But on that figure, less than 400,000 triumphed. The others were obviously too busy trying to stay alive amongst the onslaught to care for the timer.

These figures have been pulled off the Resident Evil Global Stats webpage, which collates the data of all players with RE NET enabled. Therefore the actual number of both players and completionists is bound to be higher than those quoted above, but given the challenge they faced, we doubt by much.

It’s also worth pointing out that the website also teases a selection of special RE NET content, due to be unveiled sometime soon. So be sure to keep checking back here for updates.

Resident Evil 2 makes its comeback on to PlayStation 4 January 25th. The question is, will you live to tell the tale?

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