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Resident Evil 3 Won’t Be Delayed, But Could Be Limited

Resident Evil 3 won’t be delayed by the coronavirus – that we know for sure. But it might be affected in another way. Capcom has today warned that their next release could suffer from limited supplies come launch day, especially for retailers/consumers based within Europe.

Now, obviously we can’t complain considering it’s still launching on the day we expected. Other games haven’t been so lucky in recent weeks. But there now remains the uncertainty that holders of a pre-order may not get their copy on day one – even if they made their reservations many moons ago. Something that was also true for those awaiting copies of Animal Crossing New Horizons last week.

The statement read:

“Although the global release date of Resident Evil 3 remains April 3, 2020, some European markets may experience delayed deliveries or availability of physical goods, including disc copies of games”.

Which is pretty definite. But how long any such disruption will remain is also uncertain, so we can’t even say that the weeks after launch will be any more fruitful in supplies. And I imagine this will be a pattern we see emerging throughout the summer, even if it pains me to admit it.

More specific details on your pre-orders can be attained from the retailer – but don’t forget, a lot of shops are now running on fumes, so you may not get a timely reply. 

More worryingly is the effect the virus will have on the shipping of the next generation of hardware come the end of the year. Because let’s not think for one moment that even if this danger to life passes soon, there won’t be any disruption. The damage, as they say, is already done.

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